Abstract Flows Collection

This collection let the jewelry users develop their own feelings towards the overlapping, binding, and flowing abstract lines in their own way just like when they go to the museum and enjoy abstract arts. There are three sub collections relating to woman’s feelings;

  1. Amour : Inspired by love relationship

The binding of lines interprets the connection of love relationship. Just like the start and flourish of the relation through times of any two persons. Therefore the lines are bound smoothly and holding each other to reflect a pleasing feeling and warmth from being loved.

  1. Glamour : Inspired by woman’s beauty

The flowing of lines in this collection represents woman’s beauty from the outside. Each of the perspective shows different composition of lines just like woman’s complex thought. Pearls are being held inside represent the pure inner beauty of woman that most people ignore.

  1. Daring: Inspired by modern life of woman

This collection interprets the independent, smart, and rebellious ladies by the beauty of sharp lines and marquise diamonds.